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Film Version - £15 (what's this?)

Film Version

When you buy the film, we will send you a link, and a password to give you exclusive access to the film on Vimeo.
If you wish to order a DVD instead then please contact us directly.

Script - £10 (PDF 6.1MB)
Piano Score - £15 (PDF 1.8MB)
Rehearsal tracks - £10 (MP3 34.6MB)
Backing tracks - £10 (MP3 38.2MB)
Instant license - £55   (what's this?)

Instant License

As with all musical performances, licenses are required to perform musicals, even if it is a 'free' performance with no admission charge. 'Blanket' licenses which you may have do not cover the performing of published musicals, and nor do they cover the copying of entire published materials. It is illegal to perform published musicals, or to reproduce or share any published material without the appropriate license.

As publishers of the musical, you buy the license from us. The cheapest way to do this is to buy an instant license which allows you to perform the musical and make the copies required for your production for the period of one year from the date of the invoice. You may copy the song lyrics and script onto printed paper for learning purposes, and you must destroy them by the end of the license period.

When you pay for a license we will issue it as a PDF and it authorises the licensed person to make performances of and copies of all the material you require.

An instant license does not include video or sound recordings which have to be applied for separately. To do so, please contact us.

Discount schools package - £99   (what's this?)

Discount schools package

Save money by buying our discount schools package: everything you need to use PSM! in the classroom, and to stage it in your school!

Contains your instant license, as well as the film version, the script, the score, and all rehearsal and backing tracks!

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